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Serval manufactures milk replacers for young animals: calves, heifers, lambs, ewes, kid *al produces around 80 000 tons / year of milk replacers. We produce as well white veal (around 100 000 calves / year).Our milk replacers are whey powder or skim milk powder based. We can propose a set of products easy to dilute, easily digestible for animals, and easy to use either in buckets or with automatic feeders.We are looking for distributors worldwide. Please get in touch with us if you want more information.


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Distributor, Exporter, Manufacturer

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Livestock Supplies: Calf Milk Replacers, Feed Additives, Goat Feed, Kid Milk Replacers, Lamb Milk Replacers, Milk Replacers, Piglet Milk Replacers
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worldAfricaAsiaEuropeMiddle EastNorth AmericaSouth America

QS - ISO 22000 - OQALIM

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>$ 100,000,000



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Olivier Morel


5 product(s) found

Origin: France

Category: Kid Milk Replacers


Servalor Capragno is a milk replacer with a high nutritional value that allows a regular and harmonious growth of the animal, particularly concerning its bone and muscle mass.Rich in milk...

Origin: France

Category: Milk Replacers


Servalor Harmony Instant is for “technical” stock farmers seeking an optimised performance/cost ;High dairy protein levels that give the ration a perfect nutritional balance from...

Origin: France

Category: Piglet Milk Replacers


Thanks to a rigorous selection of raw materials, SERVAPIG meets specific nutritional needs of suckling piglets. It is intended for technical farms and ensures both good digestion and stronger...

Origin: France

Category: Lamb Milk Replacers


Servatec Capragno 62 is a high nutritional value feed. It provides the best growth performance (speed and conformation) and perfectly homogenous batches in the best conditions of digestibility...

Origin: France

Category: Calf Milk Replacers


SERVATEC EXCELL is a very high nutritional value feed with a good digestibility. It provides both the best growth performance (speed and conformation) and perfectly homogeneous. A feed...


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