The feeding yeast protein EXTRA

Target Animals:



Feed grade


Dry place

Shelf Life:

12 months



General Product Information:

The feeding yeast protein  «EXTRA» is presented as the brewer’s yeast autolysate (BYA).

The feeding yeast protein “EXTRA” features protein according to Barnstein within the range of 37-40%  and actual absence of non-protein hydrogen.

The important advantage of the feeding yeast protein “EXTRA” is its use as a raw material for Saccharomyces brewer’s yeasts, which absorb all the valuables that are contained in grains and multiplied by a yeast cell in the process of beer yeast cells contain 40-54% of protein and 18% of glycogen, they are reach of group B vitamins, mineral salts and indispensable amino acids. In terms of the amino acid content, the feeding yeast protein «EXTRA» is close to animal feeds.


Type:Selling Offer

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