multifunctional veterinary drug with adsorption, fungistatic and hepatoprotector properties - MIKAMUN (Mikamun)


Target Animals:

cattle, poultry




dry dark room

Shelf Life:

12 month


paper bag

General Product Information:

MIKAMUN — multifunctional veterinary drug with adsorption, fungistatic and hepatoprotector properties.

Composition: Amorphous silica, activated calcium carbonate, aluminosilicates, vitamin E, selenium, methionine, probiotic Bacillus subtilis.


  - inhibits of fungi growth and sporulation;

  - enhances detoxification function and protect;

  - increases growth performance;

  - reliably protects cells from toxins and free radicals;

  - stimulates feed digestion and metabolism;

  - improves milk production and quality;

  - decreases ketosis risk;

  - decreases abortion rate and increases calves viability;

  - prevents rumen acidosis;

  - improves intestine functioning by activation of symbiotic bacteria.


Regular application of Mikamun solves such problems as:

- feed contamination by mycotoxins;

- consumption of ketogenic silage by cows;

- rumen acidosis;

- calcium deficiency;

- deficiency of vitamin E and selenium;


- contains complex of activated calcium carbonate and amorphous silica;

- vitamin E, selenium and methionine act synergistically effectively protecting liver and preventing ketosis;

- amorphous silica improves vascular elasticity and immune system effectiveness;

- probiotic Bacillus subtilis facilitates feed digestion, degrades mycotoxins and normalize intestine microflora.


Delivery Time:1 month
Price:1,2 $ (EXW)
Quantities:5000 kg
Type:Selling Offer

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