feed premix


General Product Information:

HiPro feed animal feed manufactures standard premix, created by our fomulation teams. We can also produce personalized formulae for our customers, according to their available raw materials, to the species, and to growth steps of the animals.Inclusion rates of our premix vary from 0.1% to 2.5% for different reasons (caking, homogeneity of the premix, adaptation to production tools, feed security, etc.). We recommend 2.5% premix. Our flexibility can answer to specific requirements of each country (premix, top feeding, etc.)Premixes are made of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, and numerous additives are included such as enzymes, amino-acids, essential oils, vegetal extracts, etc. Premix is fundamental for feed formulation. It completes and balances raw materials, to fulfill needs of the animals.


Industry:feed additives
Delivery Time:14
Type:Selling Offer

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