Feed Additives


General Product Information:

HiPro’s medicated feeds are instrumental in maintaining animal health, promoting growth and feed efficiency. They are also used to prevent disease from occurring in animals. This includes some coccidiostats, which are mainly used to prevent protozal gut infections in farmed animals, particularly poultry.Our approved medicated feed additives have many indications such as:> Reduction in number of condemnations due to liver abscesses.> Increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficiency.> Aid in prevention of bacterial pneumonia associated with shipping fever complex.> Removal and control of mature gastrointestinal nematode of body-weight infections.> Reducing incidene and severity of liver abscesses. FEED ADDITIVES PREMIX FEED ADDITIVES PREMIX FEED ADDITIVES PREMIXEnramycin 4% or 8%PACKING: 5KG,10KG,25KGSUITABLE FOR: Poultry Tylosin phosphate equivalent to tylosin base 10%PACKING: 5KG,10KG,25KGSUITABLE FOR: Poultry Lincomycin 4.4%PACKING: 5KG,10KG,25KGSUITABLE FOR: Poultry


Industry:feed supplier
Delivery Time:14
Quantities:20 metric ton
Type:Selling Offer

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