paprika oleoresin for Poultry layer feed

General Product Information:

Product Name:LCSS-redDescription:The LCSS-red is a kind capsicum extract which is used in enhancing the color of Poultry and egg yolk.Uses:The product is a very adequate for pigmentation of egg yolk in combination with another source of yellow carotenoids like LCSS- yellow powder or liquid solvent.Characteristic:Total Xanthophyll:5g/kg minimumMoisture Content:12% MaximumParticle Size:A Minimum of 80% pass 80 meshPackage:Packed in 5kg PE with aluminum film bag or 25 kg drum.Store:  1.Store in cool and dry place.  2.protect from light,heat,oxygen 3.The product prefer store temperature in below 30 ℃sales01 at greenshengwu com


Delivery Time:in 15 days
Type:Selling Offer

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