2% lutein for Poultry layer feed

General Product Information:

Product Name:LCSS-yellowDescription:The LSS-yellow is a kind marigold extract which is used in enhancing the color of Poultry and egg yolk.Uses:The products be widely used in poultry industry for pigmentation of skin and egg yolk.Especially recommend for enhancing deposition and concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin in yolk for production of fortified eggs.Characteristic:Total Xanthophyll:20g/kg minimumMoisture Content:12% MaximumParticle Size:A Minimum of 80% pass 30 meshPackage:Packed in 5kg PE with aluminum film bag or 25 kg drum.Store:  1.Store in cool and dry place.  2.protect from light,heat,oxygen 3.The product prefer store temperature in below 30 ℃sales01 at greenshengwu com


Delivery Time:in 15 days
Type:Buying Request

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